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Mission Statement

SPAAT's mission is to empower socially and economically disadvantaged high school student-athletes by providing them with academic, community and athletic support services to increase the number of student-athletes prepared for college, careers and life after sports.


Programs across the country and in every school district have been trying to infiltrate low performing school districts and develop teams focusing on what doesn’t work. SPAAT focuses on the proven stimulator and motivator of student performance, attendance, and achievement which is athletics! Our strategy is effective because we recognize and support student-athlete's enthusiasm towards sports and utilize this enthusiasm to foster improvement in academic achievement, life skills and prevention of juvenile delinquency.

SPAAT’s programs are designed to support the wide variety of needs that student-athletes have as they prepare for college. We want them to be competitive both athletically and academically in their college applications. This requires that they receive support in a number of areas in addition to academic performance including the attainment of prerequisites in their desired major, class scheduling to ensure they meet the requirements for a high school diploma, SAT/ACT testing, school selection, and application writing. Over the past 2 years, 94% of our senior student athletes have graduated from high school and 84% enrolled at an institution of higher education.

Our programs steer our student athletes away from criminal activities, alcohol and other drugs by increasing their college awareness, decision-making skills, giving them healthy values, enhancing their self-esteem, and offering them positive group mentorship. SPAAT serves as the organized support system that can bridge the gap that many student-athletes face in making the leap from high school to college and life after sports.